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This dog walking service is designed to meet
 the needs of both you
and your dog.
Our aim is to provide a quality, fun filled experience for your dog, ensuring he/she gets the attention, exercise and stimulation they require.


How this service works.
Please contact me by e-mail or phone to organise a home visit, so that I can meet you and your dog to discuss exactly what your needs are and how I can help you. 
At this meeting I like to find out as much
as possible about your dogs temperament and behaviour so you will be asked to fill out one of my questionnaires. Your dogs breed, age and energy levels are all important factors that help us understand the needs of your dog.
Once I have met your dog I will then work out which group of dogs  would most suit your dog to be walked with or if your dog needs to be walked on its own.
The first walk
I shall collect the dog from its home using its own lead as I find this helps to have its own familiar smell on it, then  he/she will be put in my specially adapted van on its own to then be driven to its walk.  Once we start the walk I will try to build a bond by lots of praising, playing and food treats so the dog becomes relaxed with me.  The first walk I shall keep the dog on its lead and assess its recall by putting him/her on a long line and keep calling him/her back to me and rewarding.  Once I become confident the dog is responding well to me I shall then let it off the lead providing the owner has given me permission, but this is not usually done until after a few walks.  After an hours walk the dogs will then be taken back to their home. All contented and ready for a nice sleep.


All prices are based on actual walking time per day per hour.
All breeds considered.
Dogs must be fully vaccinated and up to date.
(Certificates must be show during assessment)

Dog First Aid
K9 solutions prioritises the safety of your dog and carries a full canine first aid kit on board.


We are proud to provide a high quality dog walking service.
To book your free assessment contact us now!

SARAH WOOD 01323 849497 or 07717797197